Personal Practice

This is the most loved yoga photography project I ever created, as it was driven by the desire to share more about the purpose of yoga.

Yoga, beyond a pretty picture, for me means a deeply personal, internal practice.

I got in touch with yogis I admire, and asked them to share with us a bit of their personal practice and valuable experiences.

I am so grateful to all the wonderful yogis that accepted to contribute in such a beautiful, personal as sensitive way.Thank you all for taking part in this.

Allow yourself to be inspired!

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
Aleix Griñó:
I practice my own self.
About what I think I am and what I do not.
I practice my fears and strengths.
I practice my light and my shadows, 
so that they touch earth without leaving widows.
I practice to realise, and settle debts with myself.
I practice synchronised movement with the breathing, the consciousness and the center.
It is a dance that vibrates in the Inner Kingdom.


Aleix Griñó (Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner) – Barcelona

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
” I practice vinyasa yoga, qigong and mindfulness meditation. Each of these traditions helps meet the constant, fluid changes of each moment with more presence and capacity to be awake. To me, they represent the art of being, feeling, creating and learning. They help me feel more awake, alive and able to love.”


Mimi Kuo-Deemer (Vinyasa yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation) – London

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
Simon Borg-Olivier:

The main reason I practice is to encourage the circulation of energy and loving information through my body. In physiological terms this means to encourage blood flow and to generate energy, while remaining completely calm, peaceful and loving. And although circulation is enhanced it is done without increasing heartrate or stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, but rather encouraging the activities of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to increase the function of my immune system, digestive system and reproductive system. 


Simon Borg-Olivier has a simple practice of posture, movement and breathing, which in its simplest form involves him mainly moving actively and fluidly from his centre (the Kanda).

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
Sandra Howling:

” … to be Fully Alive!, to be here, in each moment, each breath! more present, more aware and more focused. This leads to a Stillness of the mind! In that place of quiet and clarity, I am empty…. open… ‘Śūnyatā’! … pure spirit in human form, my ‘Swadharma’ is clear. To share this practise; to help others to help themselves, is the greatest gift of my practise. Deep gratitude goes especially to my dear teacher and friend John Scott, for leading me to all the light inside and outside. We are all unlimited, eternal and free ✨ we have no edges! all Love ? “


Sandra has a regular daily Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practise, including the Primary, Intermediate and opening part of Advanced A Series, Pranayama and Meditation. – U.K.

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
David Kam :
Self practice is time and space for me to listen.
An opportunity to tune in curiously to the authentic expression of my body as it organically unfolds. I self practise to honour the truthful storying of my body as a physical anchor to quieten the chatters of my mind. A safe haven that I know I can always return to, a constant amidst the inevitable day to day changes.
I also practise to continue deepening my understanding of yoga, so I could ultimately be able to teach and share from an embodied place.


David’s daily practice consist of playful, pleasure-oriented movements guided by breath which transcend the conventions of traditional asana. This may mean 5 minutes of noodling in the kitchen or an hour’s indulgent bedroom rave. – London

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
Sivani Mata:

” Yoga has been a great friend and teacher as I navigate my way through the forest of life. I began with a simple Hatha Yoga practice, and my experience of deep meditation on the dance floor led me to find the practices of Bhakti Yoga, predominately Kirtan – the free expression of the heart through song. I continue to practice because I can not not practice, Kirtan and the other Yogic forms feed and nourish me, helping me to feel comfortable in myself, to find clarity in my thoughts, and compassion in my heart. It is a great gift. OM NAMAH SIVAYA “

Sivani Mata has a varying daily practice that responds to where she is at each day and the seasonal and lunar cycles. The foundation of her practice is Yoga Nidra and Bhakti practices (Japa, Puja and Arati) which she then expands on depending on the day with Kirtan, Pranayama, Asana and Mudra, Qi Gong, Massage, and Drawing. – London

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
adam husler :
 My physical asana practice as one of self enquiry via control of movement and breath. I’m not looking to be a contortionist but am attempting to find a balance between flexibility and strength, just as I’m trying to find balance in my mind between the highs and the lows. Through this practice I begin to learn not only about my body, but how I cope with various challenges; complex asanas or sitting for a long period. By developing my skills of control here, I can extrapolate that to my daily life off the mat.  


Adam’s personal practice consists of alignment focused vinyasa yoga and meditation with roots in the Zen tradition. – London

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
naiara Etxeberria:

 The reason I started practicing Yoga was because of its Indian origin, which I was fascinated by as a child. Why do I keep practicing after 14 years? Difficult to explain in words …. but it’s when I really get to empty myself and feel that from that state I enter into communication with the Supreme and emptiness becomes fullness.I keep practicing to understand and live in this world of dualities.
I keep practicing because it brings me to the Yamas and Niyamas again and again, and this gives me the humbleness to continue serving others, humans, animals and Mother Earth. I practice, because when I do it, I feel at home. Full Gratitude to my two teachers, Andrei Ram (Lineage) and Surinder Singh, for their wisdom, humbleness, honesty, and great sense of humor !!! Be Receptive to the Grace of God!”

Naiara practices Hatha Raja Yoga. – Barcelona

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
Mo Stipsen:

 My practice is a fungus, something from outer space that grows on me, a detoxifying food for my soul that connects me to inner space. 

My practice is the authentic experience of being in this body. My practice follows the changes, is never the same twice. 

It cannot be duplicated and is not shared. Because it cannot be shared, the only option is to dedicate its merits to all. This way my soul escapes from bondage to this body. Bravely, for there is nothing to know, no place to escape to. Humbly, out of respect for my boundaries, and full of love with a desire to connect. 

Honestly, this body is getting older, this life is leaving on its own, I bear witness.”


Mo Stipsen practices Abhyanga Vinyasa, Gauni Bhakti, Para Bhakti and Tantra. – Amsterdam

Y&P: Why do you Practice?
Bess shipside:

” I practice breathing and moving with awareness to flood energy into parts of myself that are junction points- maybe needing release, expansion, fuel-ing or unsticking to create transformation on some level. Inward or outward. Inherently its about dropping into flow state where there is pure connection, harmony and fluidity- that can only come self discovery and inner work. Pranayama & mediation are integral- I incorporate traditional and foundational Hatha techniques into intuitive prana honouring vinyasa flow for a practice that incorporates the whole for a somatic experience. Through deep listening I practice ease, strength, focus, commitment and humility- to process life, feel part of this process and simply for the joy of moving- eventually this takes you out of the self and into the greater cycle where there is less ‘I’ – there’s a lot of peace in that.”

Bess Shipside (Vinyasa Flow and Thai Massage) – London