Photography Pricing Guide 

 Suggested options for a personal Yoga Photo Session 


  • Mini photo session

about 1 hour of shooting time with 20 fine retouched photos will be £300. *


  • Basic photo session

about 2 hours of shooting time with 50 fine retouched photos will be  £400.  *


  • Branding photo session

about 3 hours of shooting time with 70 fine retouched photos will be £500. *

Includes: location scouting,  planning guide & phone call


  • Half day photo session

about 3.5 hours of shooting time with 100 fine retouched photos will be £600. *

Includes: location scouting, planning guide & phone call


  • Full day photo session

about 7 hours of shooting time with 200 fine retouched photos

and the rest of the photos with a basic retouch of light and colour will be  £1100. *

Includes: location scouting, planning guide & phone call


  •  Groups and teams photo session

Made to promote you studio/team, about 2 hours of shooting time 

with 60 fine retouched photos.  starting £500. *


*  for each additional person £100

*  for additional 30 minutes shooting time, £50

*  for each pack of 10 extra edited images, if available, £50

*  for the rest of the photos with a basic retouch of light and colour £50 per hour of shoot


Prices are for personal use or personal brand use only, on social media feed (ex. personal instagram, personal facebook) or on personal website only (ex. yoga practitioner,  yoga teacher, fitness trainer, wellness coach etc.)


Images used commercially for promoting services (ex. company or brand social accounts, apps, platforms, online content packs, events, retreats and other services or subscriptions) or products (clothing, mats, props, gadgets, books, magazines) are subject to a commercial use fee starting from 30% depending on usage rights required.


General information

We will discuss about your desires for the upcoming session via email.


I strongly encourage you to express all your thoughts related to our shooting as my goal is to capture amazing images that reflect you, your yoga practice and your way of life.


I will dedicate my time and focus to let you know about my photographic vision related to your desires and if you wish to, I can give suggestions and advices regarding style, places, clothing, postures.


Whenever possible I enjoy working with abundant natural light as it truly brings out the unique characteristics of the subject and the chosen scenery. So shootings can take place outside, at your studio, home or any other location we agree upon, in any case we should discuss about available lighting beforehand.


My availability is flexible as I can work with you either weekdays or at the weekends, preferably mornings or even afternoons. We should set a date for our shooting but if the weather turns out not to be on our side for that day you should not worry as we would easily reschedule the shooting to our next earliest convenient time. If for some other reason you would like to reschedule just make sure you let me know at least a week before.

The above mentioned guide refers to zones 1-3 of London, for other locations or conditions I am truly open to discuss and agree on favorable packages for both of us.


You will be able to to use these images for:

  • Personal projects (for personal marketing purposes and to share online while crediting the author


You will need prior permission (contact me at [email protected]) to:

  • Print in any publication
  • Sub-license, resell or rent
  • Send to any 3rd party for publishing online or printing
  • Use for any other commercial purposes



The personal use rates provide an opportunity for me, as a photographer, to enter the market and showcase my work through my portfolio on social media, but not necessarily provide means to break even with costs or to reach profitability.

By commercial use of the images, the images often directly impact  companies in the process of generating revenue. These rates are closer to the fair value provided by the photographer and only by balancing both, me as a photographer can keep creating content.


I might use our work through my webpage, social media channels etc. If you don´t wish me to, please let me know.


You will receive the images through an online transfer.


I will make sure to keep the original images for at least 3 months in case you wish to purchase an additional retouched images pack.


In case you were wondering, I also do graphic design (brochures, flyers, logos) & websites.

If you are interested in taking part in any of my projects or to collaborate in some way, just let me know.