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09 Mar acro yoga @lululemonuk

Yoga Photography at Lululemon UK Last weekend was so full of yoga activities here in London. I was doing photos all day long! Photos of a lovely greek girl, yoga teacher Elena Moratidou, then Saturday at Dharma  Mittra’s workshop and on Sunday at this acroyoga workshop held by...

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14 Dec about me and YoguiOla

Hi, I just noticed I didn’t tell you about the magazine I have been collaborating with. It’s been a year  now since I started working  on the photography and design part of the YoguiOla magazine. It’s a magazine from Valencia, started as local and now is getting...

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07 Dec yoga and photo

Activewear -Yoga Photography Hi there, You must have noticed the recent lack of activity  on my blog but everything is for a good reason. I had and still have quite a busy period, I'm not complaining or anything,  in fact I really like it and I'm grateful for...

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